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Your pilgrimages to Biblical places will not be complete without a journey to prominent places visited by the Apostle Paul as he introduced the gospel to the Greek and Roman cultures and far flung Jewish congregations. They are even more wonderful to believers because of their significance in the spread of the gospel to the rest of the Roman world and beyond.



Steps of Paul Cruise

Departures scheduled for March and November. Visit Thessaloniki and land in Neapolis, as Paul did on his second missionary journey 20 centuries ago. Travel to Philippi where Lydia, was baptized. Continue to Istanbul, Pergamon, Ephesus, and Patmos without daily packing or unpacking a single bag. The final port is Athens to see Mars Hill and other sites; then Corinth. You can also ferry to Italy for the rest of Paul’s story.



Steps of Paul with 3 Day Cruise

We start in Thessaloniki and travel south in Greece seeing Philippi and Lydia’s baptistery, Veria and the famous bema, the Meteora Monasteries and Delphi. Our ship awaits us in Athens to sail across the Aegean to Mykonos, Ephesus, and Patmos, where John received revelation from God before returning to Athens and the ruins of the ancient decadent city of Corinth.



Rome Extension

The story of Paul, the Apostle, does not end in Greece but continues to Rome. Via overnight ferry you cross from Patras to Italy. By motor coach you visit the world’s most famous volcano eruption site in Pompeii. Arriving in Rome, you explore the riches of Imperial and Christian Rome. The Forum, Coliseum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Catacombs are all included.



Upcoming Hosted Tours

Below are scheduled tours which may have room for others to join. Click on the underlined Host name to see the details and contact us if you are interested in joining one of them.


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Ephesus Amphitheatre
Ephesus Amphitheatre


Actor portrays Apostle Paul
Actor portrays Apostle Paul